4-Year Old White Robbery Victim Stops A False Investigation of Black Men

4-YearOld Stops False Robberty Investigation

See how this intelligent A 4-year old white thwarts a false robbery charge against her black neighbor.

The cases are exhaustive. African Americans, most often males, falsely claimed to have committed heinous crimes. This pattern dates as far back as slavery. After Susan Smith drowned her two sons in John D. Long Lake, she reported to authorities, “an African American man had carjacked her maroon Mazda Protegé and kidnapped her sons.” For nine days, police and local citizens searched for her sons, Michael Daniel (1991–1994) and Alexander Tyler (1993–1994). Charles Stuart shot and killed his pregnant wife and baby, later claiming they were “were shot and killed by an African-American assailant”. Recently, Breana Harmon of North Texas falsely claimed  “she was kidnapped and raped by three black men last March.

Such incidents have led to countless false convictions, ridicule and ruined lives, vigilante retaliations and murders of blacks, whites terrorizing black towns, and other deplorable acts. Noted cases include the brutal execution of Emmett Till wherein the killers confessed after being found now guilty. The 1921 murders of blacks and destruction of a thriving Tulsa, OK district known then as “Black Wall Street”. The Rosewood Massacre (1923), burning down and murders of blacks, made famous in a movie of the same name. And the false rape conviction of the Central Park Five (1989).

As you will see, this potential robbery claim could have ended in a deadly police encounter; another danger face when false allegations against blacks occur.

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