Compassion.  This is TRULY who we are. Who we have been.  As a race  and as a culture. We’ve lived “compassion” since the beginning of time.
So how did I come up with this notion of BLACK ON BLACK COMPASSION™?

I was sitting around one day talking about the series of events that transpired over the last 2 years in particular. Trayvon Martin’s killing. The Michael Brown murder in Ferguson.  And on and on. I commented on how utterly and pervasively POWERFUL the media is in shaping public opinion and paradigms. We hear almost every day, in the media, “black on black crime” stats, as if there is an epidemic of in-group violence in the African-American community that is not seen in other communities.  We see constant images of black men in a negative and scary light.  It’s no wonder the paradigms continue to thrive.

If the media can be SO powerful with the negative, what if WE can counter this with equally pervasive and positive messages?  Images.  Stories.  REALITIES….of how we truly live and have lived? Perhaps, just perhaps, we can shatter the old and create a NEW paradigm.  Fueling a new way of thinking that represents who we truly are.  Concurrently, building a FORUM that enables others to build their own vision – a ‘LOWDCROWD’- that is about positive changes.

That day, the concept of BLACK ON BLACK COMPASSION was born.

So, my friends, let’s share the vision.

Let all who can see and hear, be witness to the TRUTHS of who we TRULY are.BBC-Logo


There are lives counting on it.

God bless.


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