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This year marks the 400th anniversary of slave traders arriving on the banks of Jamestown, Va., the hull of their ships filled with human cargo. Africans. Kidnapped from the continent. Transported across the Atlantic, against their will. Then stolen by pirates at sea. In honor of the legacy of sacrifice and determination, BBC celebrates Black History Month 2019 by launching Black History Unleashed. A provocative historical treatment of a peculiar people that endured the most horrific indignities to befall any group. 

Coming February 15, 2019

The collection of proprietary and third-party content looks at history, unleashed from the shackles of Eurocentric conventions. Each topic analyzes broader implications, raises questions, and offers constructive direction. We’ll explore:

  • How Africans, and by extension, African Americans are a “peculiar people”, with a special place in the origins of mankind.
  • Schemes, devised by nearly every other population across the globe, to undermine this dignity.  
  • Little known facts about crucial historical events.
  • Under-reported accounts of individuals and groups and why they matter.

BBC rejects the idea of history just for the sake of nostalgia; which amounts to little more than reflective escapism. Unleashed historical accounts will come alive for their relationship to education, health, theology, family, politics and geo-politics, human rights, and other aspects of society. 

Unleashed Presentations

With our first edition scheduled for February 15, 2019, you can expect multimedia presentations:

  • Articles
  • Videos Documemtaries
  • Interviews and Forums
  • Video logs (VLGOs)
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Inspirational Messages
  • Photo Galleries
  • Lectures and Presentations 
  • “Did You Know” Snippets   
  • Discussion Topics  
  • And more…                 

As For The ‘Wow’ Factor

Compelling accounts stimulate conversations and motivate action. At the conclusion of each historical edition, you’ll score the presentation. What we call this, factoring the “wow”. Black History Unleashed takes a sledge hammer to assaults on self-esteem and the psyche of black people. You will come away with no other choice than to have a greater sense of pride. At times, the content leave you in-shock. Elicit an “I didn’t know that“. And even have you shouting, “Hallelujah” ! Your scoring helps us to be relevant in future editions. 

We Need Your Help 

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This is a labor of love to uplift our people. We are doing our part but cannot do it without you. Thank for your visiting. Now, let’s make it happen. 

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