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  The REIMAGINING DEMOCRACY Series embraces, embodies, and promotes a concept coined by actor Danny Glover that calls for a new generation of leadership to carry forth the tradition of struggle that have resulted in significant social transformations in America; transformations that likewise energized movements in the Caribbean, Central and […]

The Black Power Mixtape Panel Discussion Featuring Danny Glover and ...

Model of Birmingham Jail - MLK 1963
On April 3, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr., James Bevel, Fred Shuttlesworth led the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) launch of the Birmingham campaign, a nonviolent effort to dismantle discrimination laws in one of the south’s most persistent vestiges of jim crow. Partnering with Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, SCLC engaged in way […]

Reclaiming Justice: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from ...

Several years ago, I led the development of a federal-chartered community development financial institution. The process is beyond this article but required a number of project responsibilities. Writing the business plan to gain regulatory approval. Developing of financial policies to raise capital. Site presentation and hiring. Establishing the computer systems […]

Whys and Hows of Supporting Black Owned Financial Institutions (BOFIs)

  Voter suppression has emerged as an controversial subtext of the most recent five presidential election cycles. Conceptually, voter suppression conjures up our nation’s darkest days of racial segregation, its forms and extent of considerable discussion in political and civil rights circles, today. Tension surrounding this topic escalated after the […]

The Silent Suppressor: A Record 6 Million Convicted Felons Can’t ...

Wendell Pierce, Jan 2007
Historically, the African American community could turn to black artists and entertainer for authentic social direction. Authentic in a genuine sense. Not filth, thuggery, and outright buffoonery rationalized as a cultural reflections of conditions “in the hood”. But works and involvements steep in the traditions of a social pact that […]

Wendell Pierce: Torch Carrier and Tradition Keeper