Invitation to Black on Black Compassion (BBC) Leadership Conference Calls – Jan 19 thru Jan 24

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On Jan. 16,  our nation honored the life of the slain civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. By Rev. King’s own words and his life, we are challenged to go beyond a nostalgic commemoration of his words to emulation of his actions. To not only recite his words, but more so to live them. That is, to actively pursue efforts that enhance the lives of people and conditions in our society.

This sentiment is the basis for The LowdCrowd Network. LowdCrowd is a collection of inter-related online communities (or “Crowds”), each designed to focus on a particular societal issue. One Crowd might address helping families with struggling students. Another Crowd might concern itself with networking small businesses. While yet another might focus on elevating the work of the faith community in neighborhoods.

We launched LowdCrowd in Dec. 2016, defining the first group of Crowds that will focus on targeted topics and population groups.  Read more about the initial Crowds by clicking here.

Crowd the Vision symbolThe network is based on a model that we call “Crowd the Vision”. As such, each Crowd that operates on the The LowdCrowd Network will:

  • Bring together people of similar interests into various social change communities. For instance, a youth education Crowd would be a place for parents, students, educators, and other stakeholders. 
  • Organize projects that result in practical solutions. LowdCrowd is committed to projects/initiatives that move the idea of online communities beyond dialogue to collective action. For instance, a Crowd formed around clean communities might plan a weekend to fix/wash/paint the facades of buildings in communities around the country; and
  • Provide project management tools, eCommerce, crowdfunding, blogs, event management, social networking (friend lists, forums, etc) and other resources that support Crowd activities. For instance, The LowdCrowd Network contains a crowdfunding platform for Crowds/projects to capitalize their social change efforts.

Note that, in designing LowdCrowd, we have included a number of ways to people/groups leading a Crowds can make them financially and operationally sustainable. This is vital for Crowd Managers that take on robust efforts that require relatively great time and energy.

There literally are no boundaries on the focus of Crowds. We invite the most imaginative social change Crowds to operate on the The LowdCrowd Network platform. Consider, for instance, rural farmers and urban organizations, launching a Crowd to host fresh food cooperatives. We are literally praying for these kinds of innovative partnerships to emerge on LowdCrowd! 

One such Crowd and the focus of this notice is BBC symbolBlack on Black Compassion (BBC). As one of the network’s initial Crowds, BBC is designed to enable African Americans to collaborate on projects that uplift people of African descent in the United States and other regions of our world. Through BBC, we are committed to not only improving conditions, but also invalidating negative claims made about the African American community.

While chiefly reaching out to blacks to participate in our own improvements, BBC welcomes non-blacks who sincerely share an interest in working along side of African Americans on the BBC mission. As a starting point, we have defined a tentative set of initial BBC projects that range from education to humanitarian relief. As with each Crowd, one key strategy is to undertake a manageable number of simultaneous projects. We really are excited about the work ahead and hope that BBC fosters more sustained collective action within the black community. 

Please take a few moments to review BBC’s initial set of projects here. Once you arrive at the page, click on the projects listed on the left margin for overviews. 

This brings me to the goal of the notice and why I’m reaching out to you. Our early launch of involves identifying and bringing together people that would like to assist in the management of LowdCrowd, generally, or BBC, specifically. The same outreach will occur with other Crowds. 

Events CalendarDuring the upcoming months, we will work to grow the BBC Crowd membership in order to implement projects. Within that context, BBC must first establish leaders at Crowd and project levels.

By this, I am requesting the opportunity to present more information, answer questions, and enable you to make a thoughtful decision. For instance, you might be thinking about time commitment. This is flexible given our strategy to build teams. Our greatest concern is in identifying and enrolling individuals with a passion for positive change.

BBC is hosting is hosting BBC video conference calls throughout the remainder of Jan. 2017, including sessions this and the following week. The discussion will include a presentation of the LowdCrowd site, the BBC Crowd space, and various tools e.g., eCommerce, project management, blog, and crowdfunding platform.

To reserve your attendance at one of these sessions, simply visit the Events Calendar and click on one of the events entitled “BBC Demo – Potential Crowd Managers“. After submitting your RSVP, you will receive an email that contains dial-in information. Click here.




I want to thank you, in advance, for reviewing this information.

Kenneth D. Price, Co-Founder
The LowdCrowd Network

If you have questions, post below in the Comments area. I will make every effort to answer in a timely manner.



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